DentMagicJohn – exclusive PDR Finesse Video!

We could sell you a cheap set of tool’s just like kit’s you can get on e-bay for less than $500, but we would not do that to our clients. Your success is too important to us. The training factories out there will claim your getting the best value by including these cheap sets then packing you into a classroom many others. Like many things in life unfortunately you get what you pay for, this trade takes a tremendous amount of dedication and a bad set of tools can increase your failure rate immensely! This is why here at DentMagicJohn we believe in starting off your journey on the right foot with the best quality PDR tools in the industry, PDR Finesse. Along with a great set of tools you will be welcomed with 1 on 1 training thats tailored for YOU! With a industry failure rate of nearly 80% don’t become a statistic. Rise above the crowd and learn from a true professional, and learn with the best tools available.

John Highley

Paintless Dent Removal / Repair as many PDR Techs will tell you is an art, and like all artists the quality of their work is dependant on the quality of their tools.

While many PDR Tools may look the same, they do not perform in the same way. In forums across the world, you can find reports from PDR Techs stating that using PDR Finesse Tools not only improves the quality of their work, but many also claim that using PDR Finesse Tools allows them to do the work more quickly when compared to using other PDR Tools.

30 Years of Experience within the PDR industry has given Finesse Tools an unrivaled knowledge and experience, all of which goes into every quality hand-made tool we supply.

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