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by Don Dest on Dent Magic TV
Thank you for teaching me the correct way!

Hi John,

I didn't want to bother you on the week end or Voxer you with this so I decided to send an email. It's been a week since I finished my one week training with you in Ohio and I have to say that you have helped me tremendously. As I told you when I arrived, I lacked the confidence to go out and do retail work because I wasn't happy with the level that I was at, after two week of training last year with another PDR company.
I'm sure that when I left, you probably thought to yourself, I hope he doesn't quite his day job. I know I wasn't you're best student and I thank you for your patience and will always value your friend ship. I practice every day for 2-4 hours a day, we can thank Keith for that, but the things that you taught me last week are all finally starting to fall into place. If you don't mind the pun, I think I'm finally starting to see the light thanks to you. Dents on my practice door that I thought I had finished weeks or months ago, that were wavey, I can now see the flaws in the repairs that I couldn't see before and I understand what I now need to do to fix those issues and have fixed them, which has helped to boost my confidence level. That's huge for me. These were issues that I knew were there before, Have spent hours trying to fix, but had no clue on how to fix them.
I signed on to Dent Trainer in Dec. of 2015 when I realized that the 2 weeks of training that I received with the other company no way qualified me to go out and do retail work. I've watched all of your Dent Trainer video's between 2 to 4 times hoping to figure it out and they did help to make me a better tech, but the one on one training with you has helped me tremendously. My biggest regrets in my PDR career are that I didn't go to you first, I wasted a year figuring that I could figure it out on my own and then waited as long as I did to finally sign up for a week with you. Your are the best, I can't thank you enough and I will be back when I'm ready to go to the next level.

Thanks again,

Don Dest

by Andrew Swoager on Dent Magic TV
Cutting Edge Training

When I was looking around for my PDR training I started doing research and I asked a friend of mine who he would recommend. He told me about John Highley and I immediately started watching his videos online. I called John and he talked me through the whole process from start to finish. We went over everything from the price of the class and tools to where to stay in the area. I took a three week PDR class with John in September of 2014 and couldn't have been happier with my decision. I would recommend Dent Magic John to anyone who is serious about either learning PDR from scratch or anyone who is just looking to step up their game. Not only is John one of the industry leaders and innovators but he is also a very talented instructor and with his guidance and allot of motivation I believe anyone can learn PDR. Can't wait to go back for advanced training. Thanks John, see you soon.

Thank you Andrew, your a talented tech even after only 3 weeks of training! That being said I look forward to working with your again in the future!

by Vicente Rios on Dent Magic TV
John Highley-- A Prominent Teacher in the PDR Industry!

To Whom It May Concern:

I learned Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in 2001 with a Tool company that trained more than 3 people per week, sold you the tools and then threw you into the streets to fix dents.
When you get into the world of reality, with no one to guide you or help you, with a car in front and the client seeing what you doing, is another thing than training.
Many like me for some reason or frustration put the tools in the closet or sold them!
After working PDR for 1 year, my case of leaving PDR was a job offer with good figures $$$$,
but there's something that when you learn the art of PDR and leave it, you want to go back!
In 2001 Internet was around, but not with the technology or speed we have today and this was the tool that helped me look how was the PDR field know days.
I found too much information here, many tools, many technicians and many videos, all very good and talented, but I found one that caught my attention for being creative in fixing dents.
This tech name is John Highley.
His passion for teaching others motivated me to learn again the art of PDR.
His technique to remove dents with glue and combine with other tools is unique!
The videos he produces are of high quality, great detail and shows you step by step how you should fix the dent.
I learned with his creativity and style that using several different tools and techniques produces a clean fix.
Seen different stages as how John grew in the world of PDR, over 20 years and still growing with his website, his radio talk show and video tutorials page no doubt and I definitely would like someday, take a course in his workshop.
Thanks John for your dedication in teaching the art of PDR.

Vicente Rios

A quien pueda interesar:

Aprendí Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) en el año 2001 con una compañía que vendían herramientas, enseñaban a más de 3 personas por semana y luego te lanzaban a la calle para que arreglaras abolladuras.
Cuando llegas al mundo de la realidad, era otro punto de vista que estar aprendiendo en el salón, sin nadie que te guie o te ayude con un auto de frente y el cliente viéndote.
Muchos como yo por alguna razón o frustración, guardamos las herramientas en el armario o las vendimos!
Luego de trabajar PDR por un año, mi caso de dejarlo fue una oferta de trabajo de buenas cifras $$$,
Pero hay algo que cuando aprendes al arte de PDR y lo dejas, al tiempo quieres volver!
En el 2001 existía internet, pero no la tecnología ni la velocidad que hoy día tenemos y esto fue la herramienta que me ayudo a buscar como estaba el campo del PDR.
Encontré demasiada información aquí, muchas herramientas, muchos técnicos y muchos videos, todos muy buenos y talentosos, pero encontré uno que me llamo la atención por ser creativo en como arregla abolladuras.
Este maestro técnico se llama John Highley.
Su pasión por enseñar me motivo a volver aprender el arte del PDR.
Su técnica de sacar abolladuras con pegamento y combinarlas con otras herramientas es única!
Los videos que produce son de alta calidad, mucho detalle y te enseña paso por paso como debes de arreglar las abolladuras.
E aprendido con su estilo y creatividad que usando varias herramientas y distintas técnicas produces un arreglo limpio.
Viendo distintas etapas de como John ha crecido en el mundo del PDR, sobre 20 Años y sigue creciendo atreves de su página en internet, su programa de radio en la internet y su página de tutorías de videos no hay duda que es uno de los maestros más destacados en la industria y me gustaría algún día tomar un curso en su taller.
Gracias John por tu dedicación en enseñar el arte de PDR,

Vicente Ríos

Thank you Vicente, I appreciate the kind words my friend!

by Richard Orosz on Dent Magic TV
1 week advanced PDR training

I wish I found John before I went to another place to learn PDR. He trains only one on one, and on real cars, not just body panels. What I liked that he explained everything, if needed he showed me how to do it. You could feel that he wants to teach you not just grab your money and run. The best part is if you down the road stuck on something you can't resolve, he is only a text away. And trust me, this guy responds in minutes. He's got your back 100%.
If you want to learn PDR I highly recommend Dent Magic John.
John thanks again for everything.

Thank you so much Richard for the great review! It was easy working with a technician that truly cares about quality like you do! You gonna be a superstar my friend!

by Roberto Jimenez on Dent Magic TV
Dent Training

IF YOU ARE SEROUS ABOUT TRAINING!! Theres only one place to attend and that is DMJ pdr school. Johns innovation and leadership has revolutionized the pdr industry! John Highley has really set himself as a world class dent trainer! John not only tought me techniques but also the business end of pdr. I walked away With the right tools, techniques and a mind for business. I must say this was the best move I have ever made! Not only is john my teacher but also a mentor teaching every thing there is to know about the pdr industry. He is extremely accessible only a text or call away, John actually took the time to get to know me personally! The class room was just him and I. It wasn't a class full of strangers with 2 or 3 instructors for the whole class it was one on one! And that's why I feel like I got the most out of my experience. What a privilege it was to have one on one training with john it was AWESOME!! I cant wait to do the (extreme dent training) thank you for everything JOHN HIGHLEY!!!

by Austin Detzel on Dent Magic TV
Great Training!

I trained with John for 2 weeks to learn all the basics of Paintless Dent Removal. I came out learning more then I expected about dent repair and also about the business side of the industry, which was a huge plus! John taught me everything I needed to know to succeed and how to deal with most obstacles in the PDR industry. Being able to have one on one training is a must when trying to learn a skilfull trade like PDR. John's very professional and by far one of the best techs I'v had the opportunity of working with. Highly recommended!

by Jon Sanders on Dent Magic TV
Over 150 dents removed

Over a 150 dents removed from seven different body panels. Roof, Hood, Trunk, left front and rear fenders and left side doors. All PDR.
Member Comments: This was an insurance claim. I got my three day old car caught in a
freak hail storm. I called and visited a couple places in Cincinnati
and while I got quotes, nobody seemed overly interested in the work. A
few seemed to be annoyed that I was asking for a quote. I am also very
detail oriented and requested a few things up front. I guess I might
have come off as one of "those" customers.
John took care of me.
Assured me that I would not have any issues. He delivered the car back
to me as promised and it looks great. Final proof will be after I give
it another wash wax as most of the dents were not easily detected by
eye, but you could feel them. Several spots I picked as samples came up
The thing that sold me most on John's shop other
than his many, many years at the profession (important) was that he took
the time to understand my concerns about working on my three day old
car and how I wanted it not to squeak or have any other issues related
to repair. I saw some of his other work pre and post and it was
amazing. I would highly recommend seeing John if you dont want a body
shop talking you into painting your car.

by Jeff Rivas on Dent Magic TV
Great Repair Work!

From taking my service call to John Highley who actually did the work, there professionalism was awesome and I have not even begun to talk about the repair needless to say it was awesome. John did not care that I had my sons 9 year old truck which he treated no differently than he would a 50,000 dollar sports car. In this day and age it is hard to find a company or even people that do what they promise or say but Dent Magic of Ohio wrote the book on customer service for me today. Thank you again Dent Magic for making me and my sons day

by Chris Gabbard on Dent Magic TV
Amazing Job

I've dealt with John two times over the last 4 years. He pulled a dent on my Honda Civic, and just recently fixed a quarter panel dent on my BMW M3. I would not trust anyone else with my car after working with John. Very professional, and does an amazing job.
Member Comments: From the first phone call to the actual appointment, John was very prompt and professional. Infact when he pulled up to my house, he jumped out of the truck and said "long time no see"... as he had done a previous dent repair to one of my vehicles. He is a pleasure to work with, and is passionate about what he does.

by Gerard Viens on Dent Magic TV
Very Professional

Had a dent in the rear bumper cover of a Toyota RAV4. Texted a photo of the dent, they responded with a repair estimate including how complete the repair would look. Set up the appointment, very professional, good communication, including a reminder call the night before. Repair looks great. They were on time, professional, did the repair in my driveway in about 1 hour. Less than $200 for the repair, the dealer wanted over $1,000 telling me the only way to repair was replace and repaint. Definitely will keep these folks in my book for the future!

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