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Hands On Training

2 Decades of Dent Repair Experience:

  • Weekly Training Package: One week (advanced) – Two weeks (beginner – advanced) – Three Weeks (beginner -advanced)
  • Unlimited Training Four weeks of training (Best Value). Four weeks includes any additional advanced training that may be needed in the future. Two, Three, & Four Week package includes PDR Finesse Tools.
  • DMJ is your Large Dent Expert
  • DMJ is Your Hail Damage Expert
  • Choose a company with real world experience
  • Live in shop training
  • State of the art tools and equipment
  • One year of support through – 2-4 week packages

#1 Industry Training

The twelve style variations are fully customizable with the most comprehensive color chooser system ever. Choose just a few tones and shades, and Ionosphere does the rest, automatically calculating an appropriate color scheme for the various theme elements. All at a push of the button inside the Gantry Administrator.

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Content Typography

Typography is a fundamental part of a theme, providing you with the tools to characterise your content and bring it to life. There is a vast array of typography available with Ionosphere theme, as is with our previous releases, from list styles, notice blocks and a diverse number of other elements.

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Customize the Logo

The most effective way to customize the logo is to use the included Source PNG file. When opened in Adobe Fireworks, this file contains all of the Layers in the design allowing you to tweak and change any of the image elements of the theme design.

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Fusion and SplitMenu

There are two menu systems that are integrated into the Ionosphere, these are the Triple Level SplitMenu and the Fusion Menu. The former is a three tiered, static menu system with configurable locations. The latter is a javascript enhanced, CSS powered dropdown menu with numerous features such as multi-column support.

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